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look at:



it use TCL interpreter


elwish -package Gdhe
which gdhe


in /usr/local/openrobots/share/gdhe/tcl there are some examples of tcl functions to display robots

documentation about basic function: http://homepages.laas.fr/mallet/cours/gdhe.pdf ftp://ftp.laas.fr/pub/ii/matthieu/gdhe.pdf


polyg.tcl file

polygon n x1,y1 …

polygon 4 -1 -1 -1 1 1 1 1 -1

add the filename polyg.tcl to the index PkgIndex.tcl

dans la console:

set robots(poly1) polyg

set pos(poly1) { 0 0 0 }

dans /usr/local/openrobots/src/robotpkg/graphics/gdhe

to get the sources

make extract



be careful not to type make clean in gdhe

when we will have succed, use git clone to get the sources, and git commit to apply the changes

at startup, GDHE executes automatically the .gdherc file in the CURRENT directory. Bertrand put one in in ~/

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