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sudo apt-get install baobab fslint fdupes bleachbit

Duplicates removal

Firstly, use fslint-gui to scan the whole home directory and get an idea of te potential gain in hard disk space.

Find pattern of duplicates (for instance, sames files in 3 different directories

It is quite boring to delete files from a particular directory with fslint so use fdupes to automatize that:

To find files existing both in the current directory and in another directory recursively and display the size that cain be gained if the duplicates were removed

fdupes  -NmSr /home/claire/Bureau/photos/photosclaire/chantier ./
  5117 duplicate files (in 5035 sets), occupying 1154.0 megabytes

To get the details of each duplicates:

fdupes  -NSr /home/claire/Bureau/photos/photosclaire/chantier ./

To effectively delete the files and keep only the first version (so remove those in the current directory)

fdupes  -NdSr /home/claire/Bureau/photos/photosclaire/chantier  ./

Once the duplicates files have been deleted, remove the resulting empty directories

find . -depth -type d -empty -exec rmdir -v {} +

effacement automatique des doublons

autre façon en pipant Pour rechercher les doublons entre dir1 et dir2 et effacer les fichiers en double se trouvant dans dir1

fdupes -rf ./dir1/ ./dir2 | grep /dir1/ | xargs rm 


Remove the biggest files in each folder (add size item in the bar, and sort by size). Attachments can be removed without removing the content of the mail (on the right bottom corner, change “Save All” to “Delete All”)

Once all that is done, click File→Compact Folders to really gain the space on your harddrive

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